Pan Frying

This is an excellent way of cooking whole pan – ready fish, fillets, portions, prawns and scallops.

• Use heavy, quality, cast iron pan which has been pre – heated
• Add a little olive oil to pan and ensure a high heat is achieved
• Lay the fish in and allow the flesh to colour to caramelise the proteins, this cooking only takes a moment so attention to the pan is key
• Skin on fish, always cook skin side down first, for 80% of the cooking time
• Skinless fish fillets split cooking time evenly between both sides and cook presentation side first
• For thicker portions transfer pan to the oven for finishing
• Turn the seafood only once
• Drain excess oil on absorbent paper and serve immediately


If applying flour, apply just before cooking

Always ensure the oil is hot prior to adding the seafood, but make sure the oil is not so hot that it smokes.

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