The healthiest way to cook fish, and widely used in Thai cuisine. Simply place portions or whole fish in a steamer over 2-3cm of boiling water. Whole fish can be stuffed with herbs and is also good with aromatic flavours added around the fish. Scallops are good for steaming this way.

  • Another method is to fill the base of a large pan with seaweed, add enough water or wine to create steam (but not cover the fish), place portions or whole fish on top, cover with a lid and steam over a medium to high heat
  • Mussels and other molluscs are also best steamed in the same way but without the seaweed. Fish can also be steamed in a microwave, but the portions must be of even thickness.
  • Purchase a stainless steel steamer or oriental bamboo steaming tower
  • Add herbs and spices to steaming liquor
  • Pay attention to thickness of fish and steam accordingly until fish is firm to the touch


  • Shellfish is terrific cooked in this way
  • Wrapping seafood portions in lettuce, cabbage, spinach or even seaweed can add flavour, shape the seafood and helps keep flesh tight together and retain moisture.
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