The Advantages of Buying Fresh Seafood Locally

by | Feb 24, 2023

If you’re looking for the freshest seafood, the best place to turn is to your local small businesses. Supporting your local seafood providers has a host of advantages- both for their businesses and for you.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits buying fresh seafood locally has to offer.


Quality and Variety


When it comes to seafood, quality matters. This is especially true with fish, which deteriorates quickly when not stored properly. When you buy from local fishmongers, you can rest assured that their seafood is fresh and high-quality- often caught within 24 hours of purchase!


Your local fishmonger will also have access to a variety of different types of seafood that can be difficult to find in chain grocery stores or online marketplaces. Most independent providers have relationships with local fishermen who supply them with unique catches like halibut, striped bass, octopus, mussels, and more!


Freshness and Sustainability


Buying from local providers isn’t just about getting access to delicious fresh seafood -it’s also about supporting sustainable practices. By shopping locally, you can be sure that your purchases are supporting responsible fishing practices. Many independent providers are committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing- they know exactly where their product comes from so they can ensure its safety and traceability.


Additionally, buying locally helps preserve our oceans by reducing overfishing and preventing endangered species from being harvested illegally or under questionable conditions.



Economic benefits for the community


By supporting local fishermen and buying their catches directly, you’re helping keep money in your community instead of lining the pockets of larger corporations or out-of-state businesses.


You’re also providing an economic boost for local fishermen who rely on selling their catches directly in order to make a living. This gives them more incentive to continue fishing responsibly instead of resorting to unsustainable practices just to make ends meet.




Buying fresh seafood locally from small businesses offers many advantages for both customers and businesses alike. Not only do you get access to some of the freshest fish around, but you also get the assurance that your purchase supports sustainable practices as well as ethical sourcing standards.


With all these benefits in mind, there’s no doubt that purchasing fresh seafood locally is an excellent choice!


At Harley & John’s Seafood, we pride ourselves on the freshest fish and seafood as well as a high level of quality and service to our customers. Visit us today and experience the local difference.