Tips To Stay Healthy Over the Holidays With Seafood

by | Nov 10, 2022

The holidays are coming and that means parties, family gatherings, and lots of delicious food. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your healthy eating habits.

Harley & Johns Seafood has the perfect solution for you – seafood! It’s a great way to stay healthy over the holidays without sacrificing flavour.

Our seafood is fresh and delicious, perfect for any occasion. We have everything from prawns to oysters, so you can find the perfect dish for your taste buds.

Here are our tips on how to stay healthy over the holidays with seafood.


The holidays are a time when many people overindulge in unhealthy foods. 

While it may be tempting to indulge in holiday treats, there are several cons to doing so. First, overeating can lead to weight gain. Second, unhealthy eating can lead to digestive problems, such as indigestion and heartburn. Third, consuming too much sugar can cause blood sugar levels to spike, which can lead to energy crashes and mood swings. 

Finally, eating too much fat can clog arteries and increase the risk of heart disease. While holiday eating can be enjoyable, it is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with overeating unhealthy foods.

This is where Seafood comes in! It is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, and it is low in saturated fat. seafood is also a good source of vitamins and minerals, including selenium, iodine, and vitamin D. 

Eating seafood during the holiday season can help you to reach your nutritional goals without sacrificing taste or enjoyment.


There are so many different types of seafood to choose from

There really is something for everyone when it comes to seafood options. Those who like fish can find different options depending on the level of fat they prefer in their fish. Salmon, tuna, and tilapia are among the leaner fish options, while herring and mackerel have higher levels of fat. 

For shellfish lovers, there are shrimp, lobster, scallops, and crab. There are also different ways to prepare seafood. It can be grilled, baked, fried, or even served raw in sushi. 

With so many different types and preparation methods available, it is easy to find a seafood dish that everyone will enjoy.


Try incorporating seafood into your holiday meals this year

Seafood is not only a healthy option, but it can also be a great way to add variety to your holiday meals. 

Here are a few ways to incorporate seafood into your holiday meals this year:

– Add seafood to your holiday appetiser spread. Shrimp cocktails, crab dip, and smoked salmon are all excellent options. 

– Make seafood the star of your holiday dinner. A lobster or seafood Newburg would be sure to impress your guests.

– Get creative with seafood-themed side dishes. Use Potatoes with smoked trout, sautéed shrimp with garlic and herbs, or scalloped potatoes with crab meat would make excellent additions to your holiday feast.

– Use seafood as an ingredient in traditional holiday dishes. Stuffing made with shrimp or shellfish, for instance, is a delicious twist on a classic.

Whether you’re looking to add a bit of seafood to your holiday menu or want to make it the focus of your meal, there are many delicious options to choose from. 


Choose seafood this holiday season

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and good food. While it’s tempting to indulge in all of the delicious holiday dishes, it’s important to remember that eating healthy is still important during this festive season. 

Luckily, seafood is both healthy and tasty, so you can enjoy all of your favourite holiday foods without sacrificing your health. 

Harley & John’s Seafood has everything you need to make healthier holiday meals that everyone will love. So this year, make sure to visit us online or in-store for all of your holiday seafood needs!